[Solved] Boids extension doesn't work anymore after deactivate it

The boids extension have this strange behavior where if you deactivate it through the events and then activate it again always through events doesn’t works anymore, if you guys can try it would be amazing, even to figure out why that thing happens only for that extension.

It looks like the behavior deletes the boids manager when deactivated and then adds a new one when it’s activated. I wonder if it loses some settings. Usually, I believe they just toggle a Boolean so certain events can be skipped when it’s deactivated.

Maybe one of the creators of the behavior could update it. Otherwise, there’s probably a speed that could be set to 0 or maybe put the boids objects on their own layer and set the layer’s time scale to 0.

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So actually we can call it a bug, i already informed the creator of the extension. btw Thanks for the suggestion :smiling_face:

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The creator fixed the issue and upload it on [Github ]:crossed_fingers:(Update BoidsMovement.json by planktonfun · Pull Request #1286 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub)

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Hi, I’m interjecting in the post since I’m also using the boids behavior and I’m encountering the same problem.
I updated the extension to version 2.0.3 but it seems to only work when triggered via key presses and is ignored when triggered via events.