[Solved] Bug? Character is stopping

I don’t know what’s wrong, sometimes my character stops moving, and it’s in an animation. It had been like this for a while, so yesterday, I decided to do a check before any animation, or command, and it was like this:

After this change, the character responds much better, but still crashes on some occasions, as shown in the video. Does anyone know if some kind of animation check is missing or is it a bug?

I didn’t check your events, but by the look of your conditions, you are in need of a state machine, aka a variable that determines the state of your character and it’s animations

Well, actually, I’m using this code, but it still happens!

Then you are not changing the states well, or not enough. In my games I found myself even using substates.

I’m going to check it thoroughly, all the code again, maybe somewhere there is a lack of some variable. I hope so;