[SOLVED?] Build standalone freezes

Hi guys,
I am having a problem while exporting a game to a Windows Desktop build. The process won’t finish, and I have been waiting for over an hour now. Usually it takes less than 10 minutes.

Ok, my bad. It really took more than an hour, so it didn’t actually freeze, it was just slow. My first build is ready now :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi again!
Actually this is NOT solved. One of my builds have been working for two days now. I guess it is stuck. Is there a way to stop it?


Try restarting the export if you haven’t done it yet.

I have made other builds now that work fine, but the old one i still running in the background. Maybe it’s not a problem? Also I am wondering what went wrong. My build was pretty big with four video clips. The final build is like 1.4 GB. I’m thinking that there might be a a size limit?

It’s not a problem, no.
I’ve had failed builds, I think it’s more a timeout issue than a size limit, meaning that your game is too big compared to your upload speed (or the bandwidth of the build server).

Thanks for info. Now I’m trying again with a big build.