(Solved) Can you add a CC license to gdevelop games?

Can you add a CC license to gdevelop games?

I would like to protect my game using a CC licence, because I want to sell it and I don’t want others modify the game or steal it and claim its their game. Please help!

Sure. Game engines have no control over what license you put on your game.

To be clear, a license is basically just a legal disclaimer. It doesn’t actually stop someone from stealing your content, it just means if you have some form of license associated with your game before they steal said content, you could legally sue/prosecute and/or potentially submit a DCMA request to have it taken down.

But what about Electron License? Is there going to be a problem if there are 2 Licenses in the same software?

Edit: I tell you this because when I export my game, it has an Electron license with it.

Nope. The electron license is for the electron technology used to play your game. It doesn’t impact any license you apply to your assets or game design. It just means you can’t overwrite the electron technology’s license and start selling just the electron tech by itself.

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Good to know that. Thank you for your help! Close this topic please.

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