[SOLVED] Cannot change my scene

Sorry if the title is not explicative, I couldn’t find a better explanation.

Not sure if it’s a bug but when I try to change the sprite position, copy and paste a sprite or add a new one, nothing change in the preview.

Here a screenshot:

I thought was the new version but it isn’t, I’ve already tried older versions. I’ve checked the layers but everything looks regular.

P.S.: If not a bug, let me know and move this thread.

How many scenes do you have in the project?
Are you using an external layer?
If you save your project with the extra wall sprite, close GDevelop editor and open the project again, does it still have the same issue?

Is there more than one object in that location? If they share the same Z-order sometimes they show differently between the editor and when you run it. Make sure the bricks have a higher z-order.

Only one scene despite the project says “First scene”.
No external layers or layouts.
Already tried to close GDevelop, same issue.

Z-order is background= 0, walls= 9, character= 8, wall corner= 10 (added only to test if it shows).

I’ve noticed something strange: I have 2 backgrounds, 2 characters, 29 walls. Only the new added sprite, the wall corner, is effectively one.

As you can see, there aren’t all those instances in the project:

If I delete one background instance, the other background is invisible:

And when I start the preview, the second background appears:

Edit: This is the Instance List:

I’ve made something strange, I suppose.

I’m not at my pc. What’s the column on the instance screen with the locks? There are locked, unlocked and the no symbols.:no_entry_sign:

Do you have 2 sets of instances? Are any objects created or deleted thru code? Do any have their z order changed through code or a behavior?

Lock = Locked in the editor (can’t move by clicking/dragging nor arrow keys). Can still be clicked
Crossed circle = Locked in the editor and cannot be clicked at all. Can only be interacted with again via the instance list.

As far as the above posts, this almost seems like multiple object instances got selected then dragged while ctrl was held down. This duplicates all selected items. If they got dropped before being moved, there’d be duplicates of all of them ontop of each other.

For the rest of the issue, I cannot provide any guidance, but as Keith mentioned you’ll probably need to show your events for this scene for folks to better assist.


I don’t think they’re overlapped. One set has low coordinates and the other high. The second set might he off the screen. IDK how large the scene is. The objects seem to be only 16 px apart from each other. Try zooming out in the editor.

Don’t know if I have 2 sets of instances. I admit I don’t know what I’ve done.
No code used.
All the instances haven’t behaviours.
Objects are 16x16

I don’t know if there are two of them. Is there a way to find other objects on the project instead of searching for them zooming the project?

Than, do you think I’m modifying a part of the project but the preview shows other object located somewhere else?

I think I never used Ctrl and drag but I’ve selected multiple objects, although is difficult to me remember what I’ve done exactly. I admit this is a test, not an actual game.

My events:

Edit: it is possible that you’re editing one set and then the camera changes to the other set with the center camera action. With multiple player objects, the camera action would pick the first instance.

Even if you have 2 sets of objects, I don’t thinks that’s your problem. IDK why the object is disappearing. I don’t see any actions that would be responsible.

Changing the zoom in the editor would be the easiest way to check for excess objects. You can use the scroll wheel, keyboard or the menu.

Some of the objects are locked. Others are locked and set to present then from being picked. You might have to use the instance panel to select them.



You was right, here my error:

I think screens are self-explanatory.

I’m signing this topic as solved. As not a bug, please move this thread.

Thank you guys!

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