[Solved] Can't Find your object?

So recently I am facing a problem this might be a bug in the engine but I am not sure about that.
So when I open my project sometime it seems my sprits are not visible
If you seem to face the same problem as me…
Do this :point_down:

  1. Open the List of the instance to select your file
  2. Now check the custom size checkbox twice

It’s probably you accidentally reduced the object to 0x0, it happened to me, when the grid is turned on.

Maybe you are right…

sometimes, i have the same problem, there is one or two objects that disappear in the scene editor but not in the instances… i do that for this problem !

i close scene and reopen it in the project ! try that when one object disappear and tell me if that work :wink: i hope this problem will be resolved soon …

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Oh! It worked for me 2 …thanks

with pleasure to help you :wink:

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