[Solved] Cant see tween behavior on sprite object

When I try to apply the tween behavior to a sprite, or any object, I cant find the behavior.
Im using the latest version

When I searched for it shows for me in both the Windows app and the web version.

What happens if the search box is empty? Does it show in the complete list.
I highlighted the behavior for visibility.

I still don’t show when text box is empty

Weird. I wish I could help. The best I can do is try to reinstall it and “did you try to turn it off and back on again?”

I did reinstalled it, it didn’t work. Also where did you download GDevelop? from the website, GitHub, or Microsoft store?

PROBLEM SOLVED! I installed from the Microsoft store and it had the extension.

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I always download it from the website. I’m glad it’s working.