[Solved] Cost to use Gdevelop

Ok, I’m pretty sure I had to read and click on something when I first installed gdevelop. But that was back when I planned on making a dinky little 2-5 min game. But now several levels in, and many more planed, I have friends that want to donate to the project. I can’t seem to find that agreement again. Is it like Unreal Engine where they don’t expect anything unless you make more than $2k? I just don’t want to set up a patreon or something, and have to do a bunch of paperwork for $40 lol. Let me know! or let me know what the agreement is called so I can look it up. Much appriciated!

GDevelop is open sourced using the MIT license

“The Core library, the native and HTML5 game engines, the IDE, and all extensions (respectively Core, GDCpp, GDJS, newIDE and Extensions folders) are under the MIT license.
The name, GDevelop, and its logo are the exclusive property of Florian Rival”

No fees exist unless you want to use the automated online build service more than twice in a 24 hour period.


Oh wow awesome! Thanks for the response :smiley:

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