[Solved] Creating objects from a group to appear only once in the entire game in a random order

hi guys :slight_smile:
I’am working on a game similar to “gometry monster”… and now I’am looking for a way to create objects (they are picked from a group) in a random order at a different time, all objects should be created only once

in example look at the screenshot: there are 4 shapes, they are picked randomly and at a different time - how can i change this script that the condition “each shape appear only once in the entire game” comes true (so that after the 4 shapes appear and be collected by the monster or fall down the game would be over in this example)?

If you know how to solve this problem please answer and describe it as detailed as possible or send me a screenshot.
Thank you already!!!

You can put the object names into an array either through the variable editor or with events as in this example. You can then create an object using a random number to pick a name from the array. You then delete the element from the array and repeat until the array has zero children.
(This uses 4 sprites named “NewSprite0” through “NewSprite3”)


I tried it and it worked, thanks for your help and the time you put into it, I am really greatful!!!