[Solved] Custom object wont render

I made a custom object using two tiled sprites as childs and it wont even render on the screen.

This is the second attempt, and I had this problem on my both attempts.

The object is at the correct layer and seems like it exists because the debugger shows it at the correct coordinates and layer.

I have more than 100 sprite objects in the same layer, every single near to the custom object, they will render but the custom object wont.

The custom object has no functions attached to it, neither in the extension itself or in the eventsheet.

Just an extra: seems like I can add parameters to the “doStepPostEvents” of the custom object but I am not sure if that is intended?

Would appreciate if someone create a custom object (with 2 tiled sprites as childs) so we can see if only I am having this issue.

You need to create the child objects in the custom objects’ onCreate function:

I named mine TestCustomObject. The Child objects are:


And the onCreate function is:

The child objects inherit the properties of the parent when they are displayed on screen.

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Thanks, and now I figured out that the “edit objects” button wont show up on mobile layout even tho it is toggled on at preferences :grinning: time to create a new post.