[Solved] Cycling Colors of Text Object causing flickering?

So I’m trying to take a White Text Object (color 255;255;255), gradually cycle it to Red (Color 255;0;0) and then gradually cycle it back to White.

This is the most simplified version of the events. It works…except that it flickers at either of the two extremes (once it hits 255,255,255 or 255,0,0) at random.

Am I missing something?

I’ve even tried reducing the extremes (cycling to like, 255;240;240 and 255;20;20) but it still occurs.

I don’t know why, but color value in between 0 and 255, without float, with timeDelta() you have float, right ?
Think to remove it, and you can also use clamp expression for clamp haha :slight_smile:

Just incase anyone else finds this thread, Bouh’s answer is correct.

Don’t clamp the TimeDelta. Clamp the variable that you’re adding the time delta to, and it works perfectly.

Works great. No flickering or anything.