[SOLVED] Dialog Crash Problem

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with the dialog functions: on smartphones (never in preview) sometimes, during the dialogue scroll, the screen goes black and the game freezes completely.
There is no precise moment. I seem to understand that it does not happen that the newer phones.
Is it possible to disable the scroll but show the entire sentence at once?

Thank you,

Yes, the scroll is optional.
Scroll with DialogueTree::ClippedLineText().
No scroll with DialogueTree::LineText().

Are you using special characters or emojis or anything out of the ordinary?

Thanks.it works. Now the game doesn’t dump.
Nothing out of ordinary, only text and commands. . I think that typing effect use too much memory. It isn’t optimized. During the type I shoed black flashes on left screen area and if the smartphone is old, the game become a black locked screen.
I’m sorry but I can’t give you the apk.
Now, without typing effect, is perfect.

Thanks for confirming. Glad it’s fixed. :+1: