[Solved] Difference between empty event and not

it is the same not to put a condition to put “always”?

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If you mean the “Always” condition the answer is yes I think that condition is useless right now.

There is no difference, the result is same :slight_smile:

I had the same question - wondering whether blank conditions and ‘Always’ conditions were the same. But I was wondering this more from a performance perspective…

Anyone know if there’s any difference performance-wise? I can’t imagine there’d be much if at all, but just curious.

EDIT: Just to clarify what we’re referring to:

There is a difference between Always, which checks for each frame if the Always condition is true (or false when the condition is inverted).

While for an event without Always, nothing is checked.
So the most efficient choice is to add nothing.




Perfect, thanks for the clarification! I considered using ‘Always’ just for self-documentation/readability, but I think I’ll go the performance route and leave it blank :grin: