[Solved] Doubt creating object, structure variable

Isn’t this supposed to create my yellow object by clicking the button?

no, because the syntax is incorrect. do it this way:

Value of color.test is empty, you see under (Structure) you have filled nothing.

Thanks but that was my 1st choice and doesn’t work too

Does it have to be filled?

Or the syntax of your expression is wrong ?
See how acces to structure variable
try color.test or color[“test”]

it’s weird, because I tried it before I post (as you see), and it work for me so.

for me it was the first one that caught my eye too. but it worked with an “empty” variable for me, when I try.

It did work as you said after restarting GDevelop. Weird!!! Maybe something left in memory avoided the code to wok properly.
Thanks to you and Bouh for the assistance!

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