[SOLVED] Downloaded newest version of Gdev now none of my projects preview

I had the last version of Gdev installed (Mac OS X) and wanted to brand new version, downloaded it and installed it overtop of the old application.

Now when I try to previews any of my projects the loading bar gets to 95% and just stops forever. The projects themselves open fine and all ran without issue before I installed the newest Gdev…

In the dev tools I can see some error about the assets. Is there a way to rebuild the assets list? I’ve tried running the folder scan as well as removing all unused assets. Neither fixed the preview not loading.

Anyone else run into this?

I’ve now tried on the online version of Gdev opening one of my older gdev cloud backups, same deal. Every project I’ve ever mad now just loads to 95% and stops.

Everything worked 100% fine right before I downloaded the newest desktop app and installed it over top of the existing app. I’m trying to open projects I made months ago even that worked fine and still the same deal with loading the preview… what’s up with this?

These are the errors I see in the dev tools when loading any preview

A lot of people seem to be having problems with the latest update.
I’m sure the GDevelop team will fix this soon. Or… maybe it’s because the old projects are incompatible with the new version?

ok I was able to clear it up mostly.

I deleted Gdevelop completely.
Reinstalled Gdevelop 5.2.169
Opened a project.
Removed unused assets from the resources.
Saved project.
Closed project.
Ran Gdev update to 5.2.173.
Quit Gdev so update happens.
Reopened Gdev and opened same project.

Now the preview works again.

It’s weird because until I did exactly all these steps, when I’d open the project and poke around in the events, there were a ton events marked as errors, trying to call Gdevelop functions that didn’t exist anymore. All basic built-in functions like change object position were showing the events to be errors saying the extension for it didn’t exist.

It makes sense that maybe my desktop version was broke somehow by the update, but the fact that I ran the online only version of Gdev and opened a project from the cloud in there and had the same issues happening doesn’t make sense.

Oh well.

I’m having a new issue now that’s popped up (haven’t modified anything on projects so haven’t done anything to cause it) with importing sprites in the built-in Piskel but I’ll make a new thread for that.

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Good to hear that things are working out for ya! Also, about the Piskel bugs, Piskel is very glitchy and runs into many problems, so your problems are pretty normal.
(I did make a thread to replace Piskel, tho)