[SOLVED] Drag select rectangle (potential bug)

Checked with latest version (5.1.148), don’t know about previous versions.

  1. left click and drag on the scene editor
  2. without letting go of the left click, press space
    the scene view allows you to move on the scene view, but the original rectangle is still visible


May be the program wasn’t supposed to be used this way, i admit this sequence of action is abnormal (in that line of thought, the program is acting exactly as it was meant to), but I just encountered it accidentally and reported it here…

I don’t quite understand the issue.
Space allows you to click and drag the scene.
So if you start selecting with the mouse and press Space because you need to move the scene, the scene moves, but the selection remains active, otherwise, you would have to start over.

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So, it’s a feature instead? :open_mouth:
I apologize, please close this thread then…