[SOLVED] Dragging a Child Variable out of Structure not only dosent update the event but also dosent give an error that the variable dosent exist

To be clear, im using the new variable event, not the old one, i triple checked.

If you have a Child Variable in a structure, then drag it out of the structure, the variable wont update in the event sheet, it will also remain “Blue” saying it does exist and wont give an error.

If i type something that dosent exist, it goes “Red”, if i re type the variable that i dragged out the way it was before, it will still go “Blue” as if its declared, even tho it no longer exists.

UPDATE: When deleting the structure, the value finally goes “Red”, its as if even tho you dragged it out of the structure, the value still exists in it, or linked to it.

I could be wrong but I don’t believe children of a structure need to be declared because they’re dynamic and you don’t always have children. You can also add different children at runtime.

They need to be declared to use the auto complete but not to use them.

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Oh your right!

Thats what 4ian was one about when said we could just use a structure,

I just tried it and it works.

If you make an empty structure, lets say named “Scene”, we can then just make variables on the event sheet like before, you just have to add “Scene.” first… so “Scene.HellThere” and it works.

Only issue is you have to get one of each variable to copy paste and such.

EDIT: I thought it might still be bugged but it was just doing what i just said it could do, it just wasent clicking in my head yet…

I removed it, but since you can just make child variables, then the old variable on the event sheet was still valid.

It all makes sense, its working just fine

Thnaks matey :slight_smile:

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