[Solved] Emails about post replies ending up in spam

Hi y’all,

About two weeks ago I discovered my forum replies were getting sent to Gmail spam folder. This did not happen before.
Is there something on the forum’s side that the staff can fix?
Or should I just aggressively mark each of these as “Looks safe” until Gmail places them in my inbox?

Here’s a link of that (i) if you need it:
Learn more about this alert

W’ll see for a fix on our side, this spam tag come from the mailing provider.
Your suggestion to click on Looks safe is the better solution.
Once clicked on spam in my Gmail account I get a popup saying “Future messages from this sender will be sent to the inbox.”

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I’ve done additional set up in the email solution we’re using (sendgrid) so that emails coming from gdevelop.io are properly authenticated. Hopefully should makes things better.

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