[Solved] Error 500 exporting the game

Hello can anyone help me with this? I can’t export any of my game. Should I reinstall the app or what? Thanks guys.

hi, i have the same problem for export on windows ! have you find a solution?

Not yet, I just did everything that I could. I reinstall the app, restart my internet connection, and wait still it doesn’t work. Maybe there’s a problem with the build system.

me too i have try but, that doesn’t work for me too… recently that worked, but now nothing… i hope someone will help us …

I don’t use to build window games with GDevelop but my advice would be to post in the good section “Bugs”

This bug seems to affect everyone, I think the build service is down. I contacted 4ian about this already.

4ian just contacted me to say the build service is up again :slight_smile:

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Thanks Arthur. You made a good job.

Hello everyone ! I have the same problem :-