[Solved] Fire Bullet, why two rounds instead of one?

Hi, it’s all ok for me, i’m an experienced and aged programmer, so no prob on finding shortcuts to avoid crappy situations BUT:

someone of you have the problem “fire bullet” fire two bullets instead of one?

i’ve resolved creating my own system of bullet.

but “fire bullet” can be handly.

thanks, Ermes

note: my project. Early stages.

Hi I don’t know how you’re doing to fire but my guess you can add Trigger Once in the condition of fire bullet, or you can try the extension fireBullet

thanks for reply.

that’s could be a good idea. Maybe a double click error.


Solved, at lower Frame rate (20-30) “fireBullet” fires twice instead of one.
At home i’ve a very low spec PC, running all the time at 30 fps even with an object in an empty screen.
At work, with a good PC, no prob with this extension.

it’s a pity, i’ve to use my own routine, firebullet isn’t 100% reliable. :frowning:

thanks, and by the way, GDevelop is a great tool!

EDIT - not true: the problem is a “Double Tap Game Run”, when launching a preview and editor displaying external layouts windows. Firebullet 100 % ok