[Solved for b102] Transparency range / objects not loading correctly

change the opacity of an object will affect only a certain range from camera view and objects outside that range get hidden. it stays hidden, even if it comes back to camera view, until another change to the opacity is made.

found the bug on beta99

setup to test this bug:
load platformer example
change opacity of all blocks to 50 during runtime. then move right. the blocks outside a certain range are hidden and only reappear when opacity is changed again.

I cannot confirm the bug.

to clarify.
you used a button to change the opacity of the platform during runtime (triggered once),
then started to move right, and the platforms to the far right where visible?

Be sure to test on the lastest beta.

tested the latest version.
the bug is still there.
ill make an example, thought my discription of the setup was easy enough to understand.

Your description did not include a key press. :upside_down_face:
I can now confirm the bug:

well, during runtime, so yes it was included, maybe not super obvious.
But thanks for confirming!

A conditionless action in the events sheet is during runtime.

[quote=“Slash, post:1, topic:28609”]
it stays hidden, even if it comes back to camera view, until another change to the opacity is made.[/quote]

conditionless means it does change the opacity all the time :slight_smile:

A Trigger once condition instead of the keypress doesn’t seem to reproduce the issue.

hmm, you are right, if you use it with the beginning of the scene condition.
however, if i use a timer as a condition, (tested it with 1 second), the bug exists.
if i use a timer with 0.1 seconds, the bug existes,
a timer with 0.01 seconds works bugless.

Huum Panel Sprite should be bugged like Sprite.
And Tiled sprite and BBtext and Video, Text should work fine.
If you can confirm i can fix the problem :slight_smile:

seems to only affect sprites.

Solved for b102

Report done here.

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