[Solved]Game freezes in facebook instant games

I’ve made a game for facebook instant games, and it was working fine but lately its been freezing a lot and lagging. I’ve rebuilt the game from the beginning and still lags. it only happens on phones works fine on desktop browser. Any suggestions to what the problem could be?

The phone i guess.
And also depending how your events are “coded”, your events are maybe it’s not well optimized.
And somes features (shader, loop, lot of creating object,etc…) on mobile can overload the memory/cpu because mobile are mobile


But rest assured it’s possible to make mobile games, there’s probably a problem somewhere. Tell us more than what you’ve done.

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I’ve looked at the events again and found the problem. I was loading the players data consistently without any conditions SMH, and I guess that’s too much for mobile but now its fixed. Thank you

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