[SOLVED] Gamepad extension weird behavior

I am getting a curious behavior with the gamepad detection and it is getting in my nerves. I have a simple game pad, with no analog levelers, just a D-pad ( 046d-c21a-Logitech(R) Precision™ Gamepad)

This is the same key combination system I have been using, and it worked good enough.

Now, somehow, the direction keys are being ignored for the Detectado variable (It keeps the value of the keys/buttons pressed) and just the movement is done (In a test I did, I see the timer is reset, so the condition is kinda working.) But as you can see, the buttons and simple movements work just fine.

To add more craziness, when I hold any button, lets say R1, the D-pad works as intended and the value is registered.

No problem at all when I am using the keyboard, and I don’t recall having this problem before.

The problem was my condition a little below. It didn’t take the d-pad keys in the right way. Edited and working now

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