[Solved] Gamepads not in conditions/actions

Hi, I have a problem with the new GDevelop Update Beta 75.

In this update, the gamepad / controller function should come. But in my projects it is not under conditions but in the example project “Multiplayer Platformer with Gamepads” there is this function. I have also tried to copy the condition with the gamepads from the example project into my project but then it says that he dont not know this condition. In the conditions browser it should indeed be under “video” but for me that is not there only as I said in the example project. And under Behaviors is also nothing under Gamepads

I hope you can help me

Example Project :

My Project :
under Video is nothing

This Gamepads (controllers) is a extension, please read this wiki page to know how use it in your project :slight_smile:

II wait your feedback about this extension, because it’s mine :wink:

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Ouhhhh i see i see, okay thanks a lot ! Your Wiki page is very nice ^^ Thanks !!