[Solved] GDevelop keeps uninstalling and doesn't update

So, I don’t really know what the problem is, but my GDevelop keeps uninstalling when I close it.
Already tried waiting for it to update, but it simply doesn’t reinstall/update the software. I can use it normally when I open it, but when it closes, GDevelop is simply gone and doesn’t return.

Already tried reinstalling multiple times, downloading again, restarting my PC, waiting for it to update and still nothing. If anyone know a solution to this, I’d appreciate it.

I’m on Windows 11 btw.

I have the same problem but on Windows 10. It’s been happening for the last two or three updates. It just disappears. I don’t have as much detail on this as yxion as I use Linux most of the time.

Me too!! Exactly the same problem in windows 10… I don’t know what to do… Maybe turn off auto-update for a while until the developers solve the problem?

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
So far, we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on our side.
Feel free to download the latest version of GDevelop (available here) and install it manually, then disable the auto-update in the settings to avoid future issues, until this issue has been resolved.
If you have any tips to help us reproduce this issue, please share them here.

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Well, this has solved the issue for me (at least for now). Thank you! :grinning: