[SOLVED] GDevelop name change True or [False]?

So basically i need someone to confirm or deny is GDevelop really gonna change its name or is it like MAYBE we will but MAYBE we gonna stick with GDevelop?

I am making MINIcraft (not MINEcraft) clone and i was going to name it GDCraft
But if name of GDevelop gonna change it will make next to no sense
And from that my question comes

Name gonna change or not?
So i know i can stick with GDCraft or i can try to come up with some other name for my game

There are no plans to change GDevelop’s name currently. We had made a poll a while ago to try and find new names, but we decided none was good enough to replace “GDevelop” or worth us rebuilding the brand, SEO and reputation from scratch, so we scratched all plans to rename GDevelop.


I kinda was hoping for different name but i also can’t imagine GDevelop have anything else instead of it so that makes me happy

Sticking with GDCraft