[Solved] Having issues exporting as a windows file?

I’m new to GDevelop and I have to export a tutorial file as follows:

Basic Game Making

Basic game making concepts: What you need to know to start with GDevelop

Click on the link below to launch the wiki on basic game making in GDevelop.

http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop5/tutorials/basic-game-making-concepts (Links to an external site.)

Read/Complete/launch the examples in the tutorial. Submit the example file “move objects with physics” using the Web export option in GDevelop 5. You should also submit a screenshot of your completed file.

Every time I try and export as a windows file I get this error:
Cannot read property ‘dirname’ of undefined.

I’m completely lost and I can’t find help in any of the other forums. Thanks in advance for the help!

You are in the Web editor, this web editor is still in WIP.
You cannot export a game.
Btw you can save your project (save as -> Download a copy) for use it on GDevelop desktop app and do an HTML5 export.

This was a bug, this is fixed :slight_smile: Since a few versions, the web-app is able to export games just like the desktop version.
Make sure to refresh your cache if you try the updated web version.