[Solved] How can I download GDevelop on moblie?

Um, I’m new here. And I was going to make a game by using my phone. I can do it online, But I need to download the full version of GDevelop. So, Is their a way to download GDevelop on moblie (phones)?

I guess you would need one of these:


You can’t install GD on phone.
Your only choice is web editor online.

If you success to install GD like Gurk suggest to you, the ressource selectors will not working.
And maybe GD won’t boot at all.


Okay… I tried my best to find the best app that runs Linux. But it’s to difficult. Is their any other ways?

Another way is to run windows 7 in the emulator and try to run the 32 bit version of gdevelop. But it will work very slowly. There are no more ways to run, as far as I know.

But How can I get the full version in web editor online?

You can’t. It’s just a trial version.

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Oh. I didn’t know, My Bad.