[Solved] How do i save game progress?

Man thank you so much! The saving system works! And the crystal count too! One small issue tho whenever i complete the first level and get the crystal, i have 1 crystal in my inv, (because all the levels only have 1 crystal) whenever i try to play level 2, it has the locked animation and it doesen’t load the level. I had to tweak the code a bit so that it works for my game. Once again i appreciate you alot for sticking with me for these 21 replies. You really made my day and you definetly inspired me to continue making this game! I will send you the screenshot of the code! (When i quit the game it saves the crystal count)

I didnt know how to do the id code part you put so i tried it this way. :smiley:

Nevermind i figured it out i just had to remove the trigger once thing and for the level 3 i typed the scene name wrong (The scene name was “Lvl3” i typed it as “Level3”)
Once again huge thanks!