(solved) How should I change my name here?

Hello there everyone! It’s reina here. After few years of transitioning I decided to ditch my old names, and I would like to change my username here from “cat” to “reina” aswell.
I know I can do that within my profile settings, but I’m scared whether that will cause social problems like people trying to look me up as “cat” instead or something.
Maybe I’m overthinking it. If that’s true though, how should I tell people “I used to go by this name” on the forums here?
Thank you for your time!

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well i can say, your name your choice and dont worry its cool name.

You are welcome to call yourself whatever you please here (within reason, like, no expletives).

I’d say go ahead and update your profile, then maybe put the former alias in the profile text?

Thank you Daniele and Silver-Streak. It’s amazing how accepting the internet has been about it, a much needed break from where I live <3


Hmm, this is weird, I could swear it was possible to change my username through the preferences. Maybe I’m misremembering.

It would still be nice if there was a way to change it, but if it’s not possible I’ll just live with it

I changed your username for you :+1:


AAAAA thank you very much arthuro~
This really made my day. thank you so much.

I’m also surprised that no one took this username on the forum yet. thank you again! :heart: