[Solved]I m disappointed

In the recent updates G Develop made light a premium feature and many other feature are now like this only but G Develop made some of the things good like now there is a way to earn credits without playing

I think you’re being completely delusional.

GDevelop never turned a previously free feature paid.
There is no “light feature” that is paywalled.
The credits feature just recently released, there was no recent change in how the credits are earned.

The only features that were released limited/with a premium version were done so because they could not be provided at 0-cost from the GDevelop team, and the team has find revenue and limit abuse to keep the server required for these services running. Being “disappointed” at getting a service that costs actual money to run for free (even in a limited way) is utterly baffling.


Ya I just saw that it is removed but believe me whenever I clicked to create a new objct light it just redirected me to the buy the premium page thanks

Maybe it did not happen in pc version but it happened once in wndroid but after some updates it got removed

You appear to be confused.

The android app is a separate branch of the GDevelop game engine, made for subscribers, and only made possible by funding from subscribers. You shouldn’t be looking at it as the normal open source GDevelop engine on mobile, but a separate release, “Gdevelop mobile”

It is a separate closed source app, and the free account usage has always been basically a limited demo. If you aren’t a paid subscriber, the desktop and web releases are what you should be using, not the subscriber mobile app. You can use the web app on mobile, if you are needing to access your projects on mobile.

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That means the android app is not official app by gdevelop

No? It means exactly what I said above.

The android app is a separate release by the GDevelop company that is a closed source branch of the main engine, and is not and has never been part of the discussion when talking about the free and open source engine.

Ok thanks for the clarification