[Solved] Image export problem

hey! I have problem in exporting this idle animation

when i crop this image for for single I get confused because the image height and width varies in each sprite , what should I do now! Help

You should select a fixed and maybe maximum width and height. Like if you have 66, 64, and 62 widths then try to make the width 66.

Divide the width of the idle animation image by the number of images. That’ll be the width of each single image. Keep the height the same.

Oh, so he was talking about importing a sprite sheets. I think there is an option to import sprite sheet in Piskel

With piskel you can create singles images selecting sizes and offsets.

file:///C:/Users/user/Videos/2021-08-19-142243.mp4 - after cropping
file:///C:/Users/user/Videos/2021-08-19-142432.mp4 - real idle animation

No videos here. Don’t know why? The forum won’t support

but i cannot attach video directly so copy paste the link to my browser

Use a *.gif file, man

The problem is that we can’t access your C drive…

As @Muzan wrote, make it into a .gif (use something like ScreenToGif for this), post them on youtube or save your videos online and link them.

Yeah @MrMen is right

Upload your videos to YouTube, is an option or just try to convert the videos to GIF as MrMen suggest

download it , after extracting the zip file

now please tell how can you separate out these images in a proper way and export in gdevelop

Well check in the spritesheet pack if the creator say somewhere which is the with of each sprite if not open the spritesheet with Aseprite or some png editor and check the distance between characters.
You can go here and upload your spritesheet Online sprite sheet cutter / splitter / decompiler
Then set number of columns to the total of frames in this particular case is 16 and rows 1

This will crop all the frames at 170x96 so now you can import the sperarated sprites

Knowing this if you want to import the spritesheet from Piskel just check this

Instead of 8x8 you need to choose 170 x96

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thank you so much :smiley: It worked