[Solved] Improve Mobile Touch Support for WebApp

I talked briefly about this on the Discord but I figure it’s best to leave it here as well so it gets some attention.

Currently you cannot right click grouped events to copy and paste them as holding a touch input on the grouped events does nothing which means as of now you have to copy every single individual event/move every single individual event inside the group.


Basically, add a way to open the context menu on mobile so it’s more reasonable to move entire events.

Edit: I should mention I don’t believe it’s possible to disable events via touch controls either at the moment.

After further testing, this only seems to be an issue with my ipad with the context menu opening on both android and windows based devices…

Not really sure what even would cause that but I’ll look at it further

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Alright, final update on the matter from me:

Touch support seems iffy at best for iOS devices with the context/right click menu not appearing in any instance.

Outside of that there seems to be issues with Surface Laptops wherein you are able to open the context menu via a prolonged touch action but you can however not move sprite objects by dragging them.

tl;dr context menu touch support broke on ios, touch support dragging broke on surfaces devices

Hi @revxx,
Thanks for taking the time to investigate this issue!
I’m working on it on Use long touch to trigger context menu on events by AlexandreSi · Pull Request #4793 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Thank you! – Fixing this would really speed up my development when I’m doing work with just the website.

Hi @revxx,
This issue will be fixed on next version!
Thanks for taking the time to report it, it will be a great development speed improvement!