[Solved][Included] GDevelop as Engine on Itch.io

This is how to do it!!!

Hello, I am right now in the GEM JAM 2 and when trying to include the game engines that I have used I find Unity, Unreal, even Construct but GDevelop 5 is not available,

I do not know if someone has already tried to add it as a suggested tool, but tell me and we start a campaign to add it, what do you think?
I have had to select PixiJS because GDevelop is not on the list of game engines, a real shame, while GDevelop is so easy and powerful at the same time

I already sent the form for addind GDevelop multiple times (and I think other members did too).

Oh, and what they said, I’m really interested on this, GDevelop 5 deserves to be included.
May I try to do it by myself?

They never responded. You can try by yourself but I don’t think it will be any different. We would need, idk, 4ian to email them directly to have a chance it changes.

Last Where I can find official media like icon and brand images of GDevelop ?
It’s because in Itch.io are two fields for that

Oh, it’s ok I found it in Gdevelop Website in Github

Ok, this is what I’m going to send to itch.io

We share thoughts


I’ve also submitted a request, as I suspect many others here have. Why they don’t add it to their engine list, I don’t know.

Well I have also sent them an email privately if you answer me, in that email I ask them to indicate what parameters, capabilities and characteristics we need for GDevelop to be included as a game engine

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Yep, every time I submit a new demo to my Itch page I request the engine being added. No luck yet.

I tried this last year. But still no luck

This will spread it throughout the community.

If the engine isn’t on itch.io this is something to ask them, because lot of user have already fill the form for suggest Gdevelop on their website.

I have sent a message on Twitter without response.
Maybe you can help by RT this twitt and mention their account in under my twitt.

I’ve been trying all week to talk to someone from itch.io to see if we can at least know what we need to be able to include GDevelop, I’ve sent several emails and a request from the itch inclusion page but nothing, no one answers, which I It seems amazing being a company with so much staff, but good and I will keep insisting.

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I also sent them a couple of times … no response …

I did it years ago in itch.io and in gamejolt.com

Now game can use GDevelop as game engine on itch.io !!

The announce from itch :

How ?
Edit your game on itch.io, go in Metadata, Engine & tools, and you can add Gdevelop!


Thanks to all involved in make this happen.


This deserves a sticky post that invites users to upload and identify their GD games on itch.io (and explain how to do it for those who don’t know).

I can’t do that.
The best thing is to add few words about it on the wiki GD5 page for export on itch.

This is how to do it!!!