[Solved] Inconsistency in object effects when objects are created/destroyed

So basically, I noticed that there’s some unexpected behavior when using the new object effect feature.
Steps to reproduce:
Create sprite object blueprint with some sprite uploaded.
Add an effect i.e. glow or border.
Add events to:

  • spawn object on click
  • move spawned object to other object
  • delete the object with object effect when in collision with second object.
    Start scene, keep spawning objects and observe the effects on new objects.

Example of my events

Example of unexpected behavior:

Note that I’m not doing any automation to the parameters of the effect so the effect should always be the same.
I suspect that there is some correlation between spawning/destroying the object with effects enabled but I didn’t bother to investigate further because of the early state of object effects feature

This bug has been fixed for the next release 5.0.121 and above, thank you for your help on this report!