[Solved] Incorrect copying in the event list

When trying to copy/paste multiple lines in an event sheet, it gets the number to the power of 2:

The same problem occurs when copying multiple conditions or actions per line.

This is currently by design, and happens because you still have the original event selected as well. So it is pasting it at both places. You can see this in your image as both boxes have the blue highlight.

There is some talk about potentially changing it in the future here: Copy and paste duplicates if more than one line is selected · Issue #3048 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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Ok, but it’s not very convenient. As I added, this happens with actions and conditions inside a string. I will wait for the changes.

If you ensure you deslect the original box(click on an empty space) before selecting the new place to paste, it will only paste to the new location. The same is true for actions/conditions.

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Ahhhh … Now I understand how it works: all the selected records are inserted for each selected row, so if we selected 3 rows, then for each of the 3 rows insert new 3 rows. I didn’t get it at first. Thanks.
It will be easier this way =)

Update: If this is the planned functionality, then you can close the topic.

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