[SOLVED]intel gma 3150 error ubuntu 12 error segmentation

the error

GDEditor: /home/florian/Programmation/GameDevelop2/ExtLibs/llvm/lib/Support/ThreadLocal.cpp:62: void llvm::sys::ThreadLocalImpl::setInstance(const void*): Assertion `errorcode == 0’ failed.
./Start Game Develop: line 6: 6115 error of segmentation (core dump create) ./GDEditor

i have intel video graphyc media accelerator 3150 and ubuntu 12.04
i have downloaded the program for ubuntu 11.10,
i have try to load brekout example.
I have started the tutorial of space in folder tutorial i have load my file and error not is present
PS the bug come when i try to open scene editor
in windows all ok, the program go
i have recreated bug, i load image 600x600 and close scene editor and reopen and program crash,
it don’t crash when i make object in scene, but when reopen scene editor

(GDEditor:6360): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_set_size_request: assertion `width >= -1’ failed
Scene canvas reloading… ( Step 2/2 )
./Start Game Develop: line 6: 6360 Error of segmentation (core dump create) ./GDEditor

another specification
intel_do_flush_locked failed

strange if i disable, with driconf, the acceleration 3d, the program work, but slow and is not abilify to load a scene with 3d box, for example with car game,program crash, This is intel mesa problem, this is my opinion, mesa is for intel 3d features

4ian try to see this post, the error is fixed
i try to recompile sfml2 from git and place
in folder of compil game, but give me another error with

Game Develop is not made to use the lastest version of SFML. 4ian has to adapt GD to the new version.

Yes, but I think I’ll update to the new SFML version, it has to done one day or the other.

You can try to use the new testing version, I’ve updated SFML version so that is should now works ok with intel graphics card : viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3917

i’m happy , thanks 4ian, the problem of text entry persist, but my eeepc can bee used to programming