[SOLVED]Inverted Condition Bug

I think ive encountered two inverted condition bugs.

  1. Point is inside X Object; inverted does not work
  2. X Object is stuck to Y Object; inverted also does not work.

Hey, can you add more context? I don’t get any bugs when trying these conditions.

This took me a lot of testing to understand inverting. Most Gdevelop conditions do 2 things. They pick any matching objects and if there’s at least 1 picked object it triggers the action(s) and sub events.

Say you have 5 objects.

(Unless they overlap)
If the point is inside an object, it picks just that object and triggers any actions or sub events.

(Unless they overlap)
If the (inverted) point is inside an object, it will pick every instance that the point is not inside. So, it would always pick either 4 or 5 objects depending on if the point is inside an object and then trigger any actions or sub events.

In some cases you’ll need to use the [NOT] condition with a non-inverted condition as a sub-condition of it. Or you might be able to use the inverted condition within a for each object then it would be doing a point isn’t inside 1 object at a time instead of all of the objects. The for each object is like asking “is the point not inside this object, how about this” etc instead of asking “which objects is the point not inside”

(inverting) conditions and the [NOT] condition sound alike but inverting inverts the condition while [NOT] inverts the result.