[Solved] Is Gdevelop really free?

Hello everyone, I am new to Gdevelop and before I start investing full time in this platform I would like to know if someone can answer these questions:

1.- Is Gdevelop really completely free?:thinking:

2.- Is compiling my game from Gdevelop to Adroid free?:thinking:

3.- Should I pay for a premium account or something like that to obtain additional benefits?:thinking:

4.- When I finish my video game, which belongs to me and which belongs to Gdevelop?:thinking:

5.- I’m an indie developer, but what benefits does Gdevelop get from giving us this platform for free?:thinking:

I await your answers, THANK YOU!


  1. Yes completely.:slightly_smiling_face:
  2. Yes, twice a day.:slightly_smiling_face:
  3. You can, then you have more free Android exports per day and you can remove the splash screen at the start of your game.:slightly_smiling_face:
  4. It’s completely yours, you can sell it without any conditions.:slightly_smiling_face:
  5. It is an open source project with several contributors working on it in their free time. The developers create their own games with GD. There is an optional subscription and there are bounties to support new functions.:slightly_smiling_face:
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Yes, you can develop games for no cost.


You are limited to 2 exports per day.
You are also get a GDevelop logo splash screen apon loading the game, if you don’t have a premium account.
There are subscription models to increase the number of exports.

It’s fully yours.

This is for Ian to answer.

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Thankyou so much my friends! <3

Yes, the paid subscription only affects the online build service, which let you export your game via the GDevelop servers without needing to install development tools. As the devs don’t otherwise make profit from GDevelop, those subscriptions are required to find the expensive build server and website. You can still export your game without using the build service as much as you want without paying.

Yes. If you want to use the online build service you are limited to 2 export to not abuse the service, but can raise it with a subscription. If you install cordova and the android sdk, you can also compile it manually as much as you want.

It only allows to get

  1. More exports via the online build service.
  2. The popup that regularly asks for your financial support gone.
  3. An easy way in the ide to turn the GDevelop logo in the loading screen off.

All belongs to you! The GDevelop files in the exports are distributed to you via the MIT license; you can do anything you want as long as you don’t sue us if you have problems.

None, the devs are just working on it in their free time, not for profit but because they believe game dev should be accessible to everyone without having to pay for expensive tools or learn to code.

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Thank you very much, this is really incredible, the number of developers will multiply, even if you do not know how to program, it just takes a little creativity, I am currently 40 years old but I would have liked a tool like this one for more than 20 years, THANK YOU