[Solved] Is this a bug? How to fix it? A light problem

At first i’ve done it accidentally. But i’ve tried to do the same on the other scene and in the other project - it still exists.

  1. Create any Light in objects list. The scene window becomes like with 50% of brightness after you launch the game (no matter if you do it in Gdevelop or in a browser) . An example : https://games.gdevelop-app.com/game-90eea96f-b74d-4004-894d-ddedc76da8b1/index.html

  2. Delete the light with clicking Yes everytime and nothing chanches. The scene is still semivisible with 50% of brightness.

Light cannot lighten anything up if there is no darkness. Therefore, creating a light adds a light layer, a layer of shadows to your game. The light objects can be used to lighten up this layer of darkness and require this layer, but the light layer exists independently from the light objects themselves, hence why deleting all light objects won’t remove it. The light layer can be found in the layers panel and removed like any other layer.

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Thank you a lot. The problem is solved with your help :+1: