[Solved] Issue searching for newline character with StrFind

Especially since someone could use it on a string that doesn’t contain \r (if they’re unsure) and it wouldn’t cause any issues, correct?

That’s completely true.
I think I should even add it by default to the actions that read text from file since it should not do harm.

In concrete terms, I think I’ll add a new action that reads and cleans with an optional parameter to not clean and hide the current actions so that there is no regression.

I saw your explanation, that’s great you found out why.
Though I understand it, my computer knowledge is very limited, so I have no opinion on this.
Whatever you and @Silver-Streak think of will be the best.


Hi @Bluzima,
This will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for taking the time to report this issue and thank you @Silver-Streak for transmitting it to GitHub and for your help.


And thank you for finding the issue and fixing it!