[SOLVED]latest GD problem search function Linux

opps i have abbandoned gd for the bug of origin and mask , but i want try to set origin or mask with function and…
the search bar not is displayed, i say ok and try to write a function, but if i try to write sprite or other word all function not is viewed
is possible that the problwm is kde?
ok not is kde :smiley: , unity give same bug

Please try to write as correctly as possible, It is really hard to read and understand you :frowning:
As far as I understand, the search bar is not displayed: This is because the window is too small, just make it bigger and it should be shown :slight_smile: Is there any other problem?

yes is this :open_mouth: , the search word not is delete for this don’t find any word…
false alarm…

i’m not english sorry

I know ( it is not my native language too :slight_smile: ), but you should be careful, for example you can use a spell checker to avoid writing “problwm” instead of “problem” and put the “not” after the “is” in your sentences :slight_smile:

Ok so I’ll try to make sure the search box is shown event if the window is small. :slight_smile: