[Solved] Layer effects caused pink screen

I was messing around with the layer effects, specifically the CRT effect but after doing so the screen turned pink, the effect worked fine you could see the noise and lines but that’s all it was showing, I deleted the CRT effect but the screen was still pink, I then deleted the 3d light effect that’s there by default to see if it would go away, but the pink screen remained? Did I do something wrong?
(Events in my game)

(What should be showing during gameplay)

(I re-added the 3d light effect to see if it would fix it, it did not)

(pink screen I’m talking about)

The only effect that would make the screen pink like that is the “color map” effect. Do you remember if you messed with that at all?

Yes I did, is there a way to fix it though?

Was the color map effect use directly on the background object rather than the layer?

I used it on the base layer.

I managed to go to a manual save file before the screen turned pink and luckily I’m a beginner so I frequently post on How do I…? and a post had a screenshot of all the events in the game.

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