[Solved] Mediatek and Spreadtrum glitches

I tried to run any project exported through the GDevelop build service on snapdragon 625, mediatek 6737 and mediatek 6797 (helio x20).
Snapdragon version (android 7) works just fine but both mediatek devices (both android 6) show twitching image of an almost completely frozen game process.
P.S.: same problem on linux and windows based GDevelop. And also using Adobe PhoneGap for building.
Kirin 710 android 8 works fine
Exynos 4412 android 4.4 works fine

Mediatek mt6750 android 7 works fine

The problem is, I don’t think it is something that can be solved on GDevelop side.
GDevelop uses Pixi.js for rendering and Cordova for packaging for Android which uses Chromium to wrap your game inside a web browser, PhoneGap also uses Cordova. So the problem is most likely between those 3 technologies.

Since Cordova uses Chromium, I recommend to export your game to HTML5 and then upload the HTML5 game to a host like itch.io, then open the game in the Chrome web browser on any device, in theory you should get the same result. Try that.

If you get the same result the glitches in the Chrome web browser, there is nothing can be done about it on our end. It is down to the devs and contributors of Pixi.js, Cordova and Chromium

If you don’t get the same result, it does work in the Chrome browser but doesn’t work when export to Android, then 4ian can look in to it what is happening and maybe he can update, change something in the build service or there is a Cordova plugin that just solves the problem.

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Thanks. I’ll try to do it

Also, if we want to collect a list of compatible and not compatible hardware I think it should be the same project for everyone to try. Maybe we could come up with something that include most grapical features including rendering sprites, text, tiled sprites, moving, scaling, fading, animating, particles, layers, layouts…etc so we can test all graphical features in one go.

In case you get the same result in Chrome, then we could upload it to itch.io, share a link in this topic publicly so everyone can try it and share their results then we could ask a mod to pin this topic. Or even better share the results on the wiki.

Solution provided by bil-ash:

Change the renderer to Canvas (instead of WebGL) in the file runtimegame-pixi-renderer.js after local export. Somewhere towards the beginning of the file you will find PIXI.autoDetectRenderer .
Replace that with new PIXI.CanvasRenderer
Using canvas renderer consumes about 10% more RAM as compared to WebGL but at least the problem is solved.