[SOLVED] My Game Preview is a Black Screen

I tried running a preview of my game today, and it was black. I tried saving my game, closing Gdevelop, and then opening it again, but it was still black. I only make very minor point related changes before I first ran the preview, and that was just for the events of a single scene. I tried toggling them and playing a different scene, but it was still black.

Don’t know if this could maybe be related to the newest update, as I was notified of a new update when I opened Gdevelop.

You can try opening the console with ctrl shift i

check if there’s any errors or warnings.

Here’s what I found in the console. Is there any way to fix this?

I also checked the console while running the preview:

So I was able to fix the issue simply by reinstalling Gdevelop. Now the preview runs just fine!

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