[Solved] My game was all gone after making it

This app is so bad when I was almost completed my school project I thought I will complete it the next day as now I only had to do finishing but when I opened it my project was all gone and today is the last day to submit the project or otherwise my computer teacher won’t give me marks and what if it happens in future who will be responsible huh? :triumph: well now it’s all gone and I won’t get marks because of this stupid,annoying and useless app. Also no one should use this app ever again. And if my project does not come back today I will tell my school head about this and then whole school won’t use it then the users of this will start decreasing and one day this whole app will be closed


Sorry to hear you ran into problems with your project.

GDevelop itself doesn’t delete files (in fact it doesn’t have to the option to do so), so if your project is missing it may be due to something on your computer either not allowing you to save or some form of file corruption.

Keep in mind there is no guarantee that it will be restorable, however in order for people to help they will need to know the following information:

  • Was it saved as a cloud project or a local project?
  • Have you successfully loaded the project before after initially creating it?
  • Did you save the project at all since creating it? (Autosaves aren’t created until after at least one manual save has been created and a preview is run, so this is important to know to understand if it is tecoverable).

With the above information, folks may be able to assist.

Yes, I saved the project I clicked on the save option 3-4 times because sometimes it doesn’t save properly but it was blank and I had also save it in past time and that time it was not gone

Hello, that definitely sounds like something is going on with your computer not allowing it to be saved.

Can you answer the other questions above? Is this a cloud project or a local one?

Back in the day we used to blame the dog


I think local but now I have done my project again and I think I closed it before it was loading for save… sooo … thank you? :sweat_smile:

As you’ve redone the project, we’ll close the subject.

I can understand that losing your project is frustrating, but to be so insulting is disrespectful.
You’ve been asked questions to help you, and you’re neglecting them.

I can therefore deduce that you don’t need help now as you don’t want to recover your backup with our help.

In future, please be more respectable.