[Solved] My game was stolen!

Somehow, someone got the HTML files for my game (Lost In Neopolis), and uploaded it it game-game.com, without my permission. This isn’t the first time this has happened, as the same game was also put on y8.com, until I took it down (because, no offence, I kind of like having control over my game).

Seeing as this is a repeat offence, maybe the person who stole it could come clean?

Also, please explain how you got the files for the game. Did you hack me, or did you get the files through gd.games?

If you want an official release of my game, then go to gd.games. There, you can play the game, and get OFFICIAL links to other postings of the game.

also while I’m at it, here is the link to the game-game.com version. Please remember I did not upload this, or ask anyone to upload it.


That sucks that someone would take your work and not ask you or acknowledge it was yours.

Could it be the web sites that are now hosting your game scraped the web and took it, rather than someone hacking and uploading your game?


i would like to help you your when you make your next game or update this game add the platform validation extension

it should solve the problems you have


He embedded the direct link.


Indeed, on their site, it’s an iframe.
So they didn’t scraped the game, and nobody was hacked.

Mega’s shared extension is just what you need.
It lets you display a message to anyone who isn’t playing on gd.games or on the site of your choice.
And you could at the bottom of this message add a button to redirect people to the page of your choice.

It’s a shame to see websites like this stealing people’s creations.


Thanks for the solution.