[Solved] My project IS JUST GONE

For some reason, my project is just gone. I searched everywhere, the project lost, the game files in file explorer and its like it doesn’t exist. Can someone please help me how to access it again by, i don’t know, maybe the gdev cloud? Cz idk if i can access the cloud save really. Please help.

Was this a cloud project or a project saved locally?
Is the folder where you saved your game gone, or just some files? Are your images still there?
Are other files gone?
Have you exported your game in the same folder?

Some of my sprites are there which weren’t in the game folders but other than that the game folder is gone. It was saved on gdevelop cloud as well as locally.

Could you give us your gdevelop username and you project name? I’ll see if the cloud project can be recovered

Sure. My username is Omchiwich, and the project name was “2D Top Down Rpg” (its a testing name)

The save system has been improved. Now you don’t have to experience this kind of problem anymore.
If this is the case please contact a team member with your GDevelop username and project name.