[Solved] New Google Play API being requested. 2024

Google Play is requiring the use of the new API version 34 for published games, with an update deadline by August this year. Additionally, the update to the Google Play Billing Library will include the “InAppPurchase” extension, which needs to be updated to continue functioning for in-app purchases linked to Google Play. Last year, many were concerned about a similar update, but the GDevelop development team handled the situation excellently. Are there currently people paying attention to this new update?

Im actually having problem with the API thing (now is 33 → 34 is requested )…so theres no way to “avoid” it even if it become effective in August, right?

I am posting this question here in the forum because it is crucial for Gdevelop to resolve this when importing the game to APK or AAB, with API 34 formalized. We need to update our games on the Play Store by August, otherwise, we will lose the right to publish them. The deadline is tight, and the urgency is high.

Additionally, the problem is not only with the API. The “InAppPurchase” extension, created by Gem Dev, also needs to be updated! This is a vital issue for all of us developers, and we need a quick solution to continue offering our games to players.

As with all other Google Play API updates, it’ll get updated with a release of GDevelop, it has every other time this comes up, and usually will go live sometime the month before the API cutoff.

To be clear about the extension: The IAP extension is just that, an extension and not part of the engine. There’s no implicit support/maintenance/etc from anyone (including the extension creator), so that may or may not get updated depending on their decisions.

It has been updated a few times in the past, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does again, but there is a very real chance it may not get updated, just as with any other extension.


Thank you for the response, it was what I expected. Could the author share the workflow for updating in-app purchases? That way, anyone could be independent without forcing the author into continuous work.

It’s totally possible that they could, but I don’t know if they will.

That said, all extensions in the GDevelop extension list are MIT licensed, so anyone can modify the extension as they please and submit an update to the extensions github.

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Found this on GitHub:
The IAP is updated now… I guess.

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This is something different.

There is two things:

  • The android export that give you an .aab or .apk, that require an update to support API Level 34.
  • The update of the in-app purchase extension, that also require an update to support the new version of the Google Play Billing lib. (Which will use the API Level 34).

And I’m glad to let you know both has been updated !