[Solved] Not tested extensions/ community extensions

Hello! There are a lot of unverified extensions in GDevelop, and just on the Internet. Are they safe to use? Could they steal any player data? Also asking about a specific extension, is extension GPS safe to use? Suddenly it steals the user’s location. This extension was made by myself @arthuro555 . But, as I understand it (I don’t know for sure), anyone could mark him as the author. Thanks in advance. Also, I would be very grateful if @arthuro555 answered him if this extension is, it’s just strange that it has not been checked yet.

@arthuro555 , I’m very sorry if what I tagged you got in the way. Sorry.

Extensions are generally created by the community, and are unsupported.

  • Extensions in the main reviewed list have been checked for best practices and that they are not malicious, but that is the extent of the review as far as I’m aware.
  • Extensions in the new “community extensions (unreviewed)” list are reviewed only for ensuring they don’t crash the engine, and are provided as-is.

Anything not in the lists within the engine are wholly unreviewed, and could do anything. It is up to you as the game dev to decide what you will and won’t use.

Are you checking out the community extension? (that is, they can “move” to verified)?

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Community extensions are not fully reviewed so they may be badly coded, with security or performance issues or have other problems, but they do have a minimal review. All community extensions are checked to ensure that there are at least no viruses.

I submitted some recent extensions as community extensions because I do not have much time currently and a full review process takes a lot of it. I did make the geolocation extension, yes.

Only if the author submits them as such, otherwise no.

Thank you for your answer! You helped me a lot!